Welcome to Woking Strokeability

Woking Strokeability is a group set up to assist stroke survivors and help their carers. We are a small group which has charitable status. The purpose of Woking Strokeability is to provide support, aerobic and aqua aerobic exercise with qualified instructors and social events for stroke survivors and their carers.

Why the community needs this charity

We help to restore confidence and fitness. Help with getting limbs moving as much as possible. Carers need support and benefit from the contact with fellow members. Exercise is so valuable after a stroke, whatever type has been suffered. As well as therapeutic exercise we arrange outings and social events such as meals out, sailing and theatre trips.

Results and outcomes

After stroke survivors are allowed home, we provide the exercise. With exercise, mobility and confidence are improved and, in some cases, paralysed limbs are able to regain some movement.

At the gym

Hoebridge Golf Club Charity of the Year

Hoebridge Golf Club mens captain, John Hort, and ladies captain, Stephanie Williams, are pleased to announce that their charity of the year will be Woking Strokeability.

  • This charity is a club which provides support, aerobic and aqua aerobic exercise with qualified instructors, and social events for stroke survivors and their carers. The charity also offers support to those with similar disabilities such as multiple sclerosis, car accident victims, brain damage.
  • Note from Steph: My sister-in-law suffered two strokes, and both my parents had a stroke at the end of their lives, plus one of my very good friends who I played hockey with and was the lynchpin of our sporting social circle had a stroke at 49, so stroke is an illness I've seen too much of and I would like to help bolster the support there is available locally.
  • Note from John; Like Steph, my father-in-law also had a severe stroke towards the end of his life. It left him with very little movement on his righthand side and he was pretty much confined to a wheelchair. Whilst there was some input from organizations who offered some social support he did not receive any physical help with maximizing his mobility. I believe that the work this group do for people in this situation can make significant improvements to their lives after a stroke.
  • As you can imagine, when faced with deciding which charity to support there are numerous organizations doing fantastic work, however we felt that by combining our efforts for this one small, local charity we have the opportunity to make a real difference.
Hoebridge logo and picture

Woking Strokeability are very grateful to have been selected as the Hoebridge Golf Club Charity of the Year. Their support will not only improve the wellbeing of our current members but also help us reach out to and support other local stroke survivors and their carers. Sadly, there is an ever increasing number of local stroke survivors and their families who could benefit from our services.